Software Licensing

Use our software to make your job easier.

Data Management

This is powerful.

Online Access

We are a hosted solution, so admins can access the database securely wherever they have Internet access.

Assigned Priveleges

The admin can discreetly assign refined privileges to users, allowing for fine-grained control on usage.

Field Level Logging

A historical record is kept of every change to every record in the database. This includes details about when it was changed, who changed it, and what is was changed from.

Customized Search Interfaces

Customize search interfaces to search across the fields that make sense. The options are nearly unlimited.

Automated Surveys

Send surveys directly from the interface to contacts. Easily save contact information for individual companies, so surveying is as easy as a click of a button.

Flexible Form Creation

Create your own data forms and surveys with our simple-yet-powerful manager. You don't need to be a database administrator or a techie to use this -- it's easy.

Complex Queries

Build and save your own user-friendly complex custom queries -- searches you use all the time. Save yourself time and hassle.


With the click of a button, see how a list or directory is stacking up based on the data you have. Make a change, and the list will auto-update!

Design & Print Tools

Beautiful in minutes, not hours.

Easy Export

With a single click, get your data formatted in any of the major formats. No additional formatting necessary!


Get your data formatted with Quark Tags, InDesign Tags, or X-Tags, so you can spend less time fidgeting and more time looking great.


Get your data straight in Excel, if that's your preferred flavor. Then manipulate to your heart's content!

Straight to PDF

Export right into a print-quality PDF, straight from DataJoe. Apply designs, format the data, and download.

Research & Survey Tools

Work smarter, not harder.

Data Management

Search and group companies and send blasts to particular industry sectors. Once you've isolated the right group, blast all contacts within that group.

Custom Surveys

Create and save your own customized surveys, built right into the database so all data collected flows to the right place.

Online Survey Blaster

Send out individual or batch blasts in a few clicks. Send e-mails, digital faxes, or HTML attachments directly to contacts in your database.

Unique Surveys

Recipients will be directed to their own unique survey form (pre-populated with their previous data at your discretion). No log in or password necessary.

Survey Logs

Track successes, failures, opens, bounces, and submissions. Narrow down your follow up opportunities.

Holding Area

Maintain strict editorial control. All submissions flow to a "holding area," pending approval. View the survey with any conflicts highlighted and when you're ready, approve. Only when you approve the survey does the data get updated in the live database.